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Why Selling Agents Should Consider Selling at Auction

  1. When you want an advantage over your competition
  2. When you want to present fresh options to your sellers
  3. When a listing is about to expire, and your client is seeking alternative methods of marketing their property. Save the deal
  4. When you need more exposure, with no cost to you
  5. Your seller wants to take advantage of a bidding frenzy
  6. Your seller MUST SELL in a certain time frame
  7. The seller doesn’t want to pay commission
  8. Seller needs to close quickly
  9. You need a non-contingent contract
  10. When you want to “Think Outside the Box”
  11. Your $2+ million property has languished on the market, generating limited qualified traffic.
  12. Potential buyers for a property have been identified but are not motivated to bring "real" offers.
  13. 95%+ closing rate
  14. Generous Commission Splits
  15. Post-auction prospect lists of ready and qualified buyers
  16. We're on your team, not your payroll

These situations are ideal for marketing and selling property via auction. When you refer a property to Hurley Auctions, you can earn fees equal to what you would earn representing the seller in a conventional brokerage transaction. The difference; commission can be earned in as little as 30-60 days, instead of often months or years on the traditional market.

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