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Hurley Auctions has been providing clients with an unsurpassed level of service for over 20 years. As one of the premier real estate auction marketing companies, our principle goal is to accelerate the sales process of all types of real estate. As industry specialists we present your clients property to buyers through an aggressive marketing campaign. We guide Brokers and real estate professionals through the auction process so that they are able to counsel their sellers into making an informed decision about selling their home through the auction method.

As an award-winning auction marketing firm and leader in the real estate industry, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. The auction approach is presented as a tool to real estate professionals to supplement their business, not replace it.

One common misconception about auction companies is that they compete with local Brokerages. We work alongside real estate professionals, not against them. As one of the preferred auction providers for real estate firms, we work in cooperation with leading real estate professionals.

Our objective to joint venture with real estate professionals has never changed; we want to offer Realtors a solution, not become their competition.

To learn more about Hurley Auction’s "Realtor’s Auctioneer" platform, or to learn more about the auction process from a Realtor’s vantage point see our FAQs for Real Estate Professionals.

Hurley Auctions welcomes partnerships with real estate professionals. There are no costs to participate in our partnership program and in most cases you will earn the same fees as you do representing a client in a traditional sale, but in an accelerated timeframe!

Let Hurley Auctions share with you information on the accelerated approach to real estate auctions!

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The National Association of Realtors estimates that within the next few years, one third of all U.S. properties will be sold by Auction. Our experience over the last few decades has proven that selling real estate in a competitive-bidding atmosphere, results in true market value. Real Estate Auctions are on the rise across the country and we’ve paid thousands of dollars to agents and brokers. Book a seminar with us today and learn about the possibilities available through Real Estate Auctions.

Seminar Overview:

  • The Auction Advantage
  • Types of Auctions
  • Auction Marketing Plan
  • Logistics of a Successful Auction and Compensation Structure
  • Broker Participation
  • Contracts and Purchase Agreements

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