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Real Estate Auction – Buyer Agent

Why Auctions Create a Tremendous Buying Opportunity for Your Client

  • Complete due diligence information on the property is provided prior to the auction. This information allows all questions to be answered prior to bidding.
  • Your buyer will be confident that they paid true market value for a property.
  • All bids are final; this eliminates long drawn out negotiations with the sellers.
  • You and your client know the seller is serious and motivated to sell.
  • Auctions provide a transparent transaction; all bidders participating with the same terms and conditions.

To Qualify as a "Buyer's Agent" and Earn Commissions, a Few Simple Steps Must Be Followed

  • Submit Broker Participation Acknowledgement Form and Buyer Broker Participation
  • Terms no less than 48 hours prior to the auction and prior to any showing.
  • Accompany and sign in with your client at any inspection of the property.
  • Broker Participation Acknowledgement Form must be signed by both the prospective buyer and the broker.
  • Attend the auction with the prospect.
  • Be a licensed real estate agent in the state in which the property is located and comply with the licensing laws of the state in which the property is located.

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